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Putting passengers back into the buses bill

A voice for passengers is missing from the Government's Bus Services Bill. Co-operative Peers are working to put it back in.


Co-operative MPs tell government to back mutual solution to financial exclusion

As traditional banks abandon many of our poorest communities, Co-operative MPs have called for financial mutuals such as building societies and credit unions to take their place.


Welsh Co-operative AMs Mark Progress this Co-operatives Fortnight

This Co-operatives Fortnight, the Party's Welsh Assembly members have been working to highlight the growth of the Welsh co-operative movement in recent years, and urging the Welsh government to continue pushing forward in its support.


A lighthouse in uncertain waters

28 June 2016 Blog

As we enter unchartered waters following the result of last weeks’ referendum, we will be working to ensure our movement offers answers.


Co-operative MSPs Mark Co-operatives Fortnight

Co-operatives have a long and distinguished history in Scotland - but it is important that the Scottish Government and local authorities look to promote co-operatives in twenty-first century Scotland too.


Co-operatives UK: Standing up for staying in

Internationalism has always been at the heart of the co-op movement – which is why Co-operatives UK supports remaining in the EU, writes its Chair, Nick Matthews.


Fear and fatalism stalk the debate on social care – co-operative values point to a better way

There is a gap in public debates about wellbeing and care - co-operative models can create services that boost social capital and improve health outcomes.