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Labour’s Local Offer

This week's Fabian Society and NLGN leaflet sets out an exciting vision for local government - and it's clear that co-operative and mutual approaches have an important role to play.


Scottish Co-operative Party announces nominations for Scottish Labour leadership

The Scottish Co-operative Party has agreed to back Sarah Boyack MSP for leader and Kezia Dugdale MSP for Deputy Leader.


Ten Minute Rule Motion: Railways (Public Sector Operators)

Full text of speech given in House of Commons by Andy Sawford introducing his 10 minute rule bill on rail ownership.


Speech by Ed Balls at Co-operative Party Conference

Extract of remarks by Labour & Co-operative Shadow Chancellor at this year's Party Conference in London


Scottish Co-operative Party calls for suspension of ScotRail franchise process

Calls for the suspension of the franchise process until the new powers for the Scottish Parliament are settled


Address to Labour Party Conference

Co-operative Party Chair Gareth Thomas delivers fraternal greetings from the Party at this year's Labour Party Conference in Manchester

Power belongs to the people – not in Westminster or Holyrood

We believe that power belongs not in Westminster or Holyrood or even in Scotland’s town halls. Power belongs to the people.


‘We Need a More Co-operative Capital’ a call from leading London Labour figures

Co-operative values can help meet some of the most pressing challenges faced by Londoners, say key Labour figures

Co-operative Party welcomes plans for ‘people’s railway’

Response to announcement by Mary Creagh MP and James Kelly MSP for a 'new deal' for Britain's railways

Co-operative Party success in influencing Labour policy

At last weekend's National Policy Forum, the Co-operative Party achieved agreement in a number of policy areas.


Making an impact at the National Policy Forum

21 July 2014 Blog

This weekend, we've made a real impact- that's thanks to the hard work of Party members and the timeliness of our ideas.

Creating a level playing field for co-operative education

14 July 2014 Blog

The Co-operative Party's work on the Deregulation bill is crucial in ensuring that this growing area of the movement has the chance to flourish


Developing Cooperative Councils

A Labour & Co-operative-led Scottish Government would implement the findings of the Devolution Commission to build capacity and knowledge across local government.


The Welsh Government commits to supporting the co-operative economy

By accepting the recommendations of the Wales Co-operative & Mutuals Commission, the Welsh government is showing a real commitment to a fair, sustainable economy