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Co-operation between European countries? Co-operatives depend on it.

Co-operation between European countries remains crucial for the co-operative movements within them to thrive.


Still waiting for the revolution: how do we build more co-operative homes?

The benefits of co-operative housing are screamingly obvious. But what will it take to make it snowball in the UK?


Co-op members vote to maintain Party subscription

The Co-operative Group's members have once again voted overwhelmingly to continue their subscription to the Co-operative Party - with over 78% in favour.


Co-operative AMs take key roles in Welsh Government

Labour & Co-operative Assembly Members have been appointed to key roles in the new Welsh Government


Governance by petition won’t work – we need a real democratic voice at the BBC

What happened this week over BBC plans to remove recipes from its website is a salutary lesson in why the BBC needs governance reform, and why Government proposals announced last week will not do the trick. 


Response to Government White Paper on BBC Charter Renewal

The Co-operative Party responds to the government's announcement on the renewal of the BBC Charter


Sally Chicken: Why East of England Co-op backs the Co-operative Party

11 May 2016 Blog

East of England's members have voted to maintain our relationship with the Co-operative Party. Here's why I hope the Co-operative Group's members do the same.