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Scottish Parliament List Selections Announced

The Scottish Labour Party has announced its list candidates for May's Scottish Parliament elections, with the following Co-operative Party candidates on the list:

CAN Campaign: Local Support Agencies for Co-op Startups

Agencies to bring people together, encourage co-op development and build a network of co-operators.


Poor communities are being taken for a ride by our transport system

Over the past 20 years, the richest 10% have had their transport subsidised 4 times more than the poorest 10%. And yet it's the poorest who rely on public transport most.


Is cracking down on corporate tax dodgers the ‘new fairtrade’?

Admidst public outrage at tax avoidance, the co-operative-backed Fair Tax Mark is helping consumers to distinguish corporate tax dodgers from those who pay their fair share.


Employee involvement can drive up wages – and make us more productive too

After a fortnight in which the Party's proposals on employee ownership have hit the headlines, a report released today shows that involving employees can deliver wider economic benefits.

CAN Campaign: Small Business Funding

Tax incentives to encourage lending and support for new businesses.

CAN Campaign: Community Energy

Supporting greener, stronger and more co-operative communities.