Let's make the next government a Co-operative one

Luciana Berger

Labour and Co-operative MP for Liverpool Wavertree and Shadow Minister for Public Health
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In October 2013, I was appointed Shadow Minister for Public Health, having previously served as Shadow Minister for Climate Change.

I am a child of Thatcher’s Britain. Born shortly after she came to power, I had my childhood in the 80s and 90s. I was only young, but I remember what it was like. It was a nasty, spiteful, shameful period in our history. I’m in politics to make sure that we never go back.

I grew up in Wembley, on the edge of London, in a close, Jewish family. My Dad runs a shop which is a family business and my Mum works as part of the patient and family support team in a Palliative Care Unit. My grandad sold ladies fashions from a market stall across Northampton. My brother is a musician.

Before entering Parliament, I was a member of the Co-operative Party’s National Youth Committee, serving as its Vice Chair.

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  • Lack of commitment from Government on Energy Bill (11 Jun 2013)
    Energy Bill fails to provide much-needed support for co-operative and community energy schemes
  • Luciana Berger visits Brixton Energy co-operative (15 Feb 2013)
    The scheme includes two solar projects which are the first in the UK to be installed on social housing
  • Marking International Women’s Day (7 Mar 2012)
    The Co-operative Party Women’s Network was established for women in the Party to co-operate to help each other, offering their time and talents, experience and expertise.  To celebrate International Women’s Day, some of our current women in politics offer some words of advice and inspiration to our aspiring politicians. The best piece of advice anyone […]
  • Twigg to Education, Thomas now Shadow Minister for Co-ops (10 Oct 2011)
    Several Co-operative MPs, including some elected to Parliament in 2010, have featured prominently in Ed Miliband’s reshuffle of the shadow frontbench team over the weekend. Joining Ed Balls MP and Lord Steve Bassam in Shadow Cabinet will be Stephen Twigg, Labour & Co-operative MP for Liverpool West Derby since 2010 and now Shadow Education Secretary. […]
  • The co-operative week in Westminster (16 Sep 2011)
    Parliamentary Officer Joe Fortune rounds up the latest from Parliament with the work of Co-operative Parliamentarians. This regular column will briefly round up some of the important or noteworthy pieces of Parliamentary activity and business for co-operators each week. It will highlight the work being done by Co-operative Party MPs and co-operators in Westminster. Of […]
  • Luciana Berger: The Government’s Energy Bill fails co-ops (8 Jun 2011)
    Since its introduction in the House of Lords in December the Energy Bill has been quietly making its way through Parliament and has now reached committee stage in the commons. While it may not have been grabbing the headlines like other government plans, there is still much for those of us concerned with promoting co-operative […]
  • Five great reasons to vote Labour (23 Mar 2015)
    Labour has a better plan – putting people first, not just the 1 per cent at the top. We understand that it is only when people succeed that Britain succeeds. That idea is at the core of each of our five General Election pledges. A strong economic foundation Balance the books and cut the deficit … Continue reading »
  • You can’t trust the Lib Dems, no matter what they say (21 Mar 2015)
    Lib Dem attempts to differentiate themselves from the Tories aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. Even the Lib Dem’s man in the Treasury Danny Alexander admits the Tories’ record is their own. The Lib Dems backed the Tories all the way and working families have paid the price. Thanks to the Lib Dems, working … Continue reading »
  • Budget makes the case for Labour’s better plan (19 Mar 2015)
    Chancellor George Osborne spent an hour in his Budget speech telling people they have never had it so good. But the truth is working people are £1,600 a year worse off after five years of the Tories. Our National Health Service is in crisis, but the Budget said nothing about the NHS. The Budget confirmed … Continue reading »
  • Boosting collaborations and partnerships across the North (17 Mar 2015)
    Partnership and collaboration between the cities of the North is already paying dividends by helping to grow the health economy, and much more could be achieved in the future. As a local MP and a Shadow Minister for Public Health I have a deep interest in the health of Liverpool and the wider region. I … Continue reading »
  • Labour will protect older people from Tory rip-offs (16 Mar 2015)
    The Tory-led government has failed to protect older people and prevent them from being ripped off. Pensioners’ living standards have been hit hard by the Tories’ refusal to act against rip-off energy bills and pension charges, while social care funding has been slashed. Typical energy bills have risen by £300 a year since David Cameron … Continue reading »
  • Happy Mother’s Day (15 Mar 2015)
    Labour has a better plan to help families, by dealing with the Tories’ cost-of-living crisis, providing more doctors and nurses, and delivering 50,000 new childcare places. Since 2010 working people are £1,600 a year worse off and families are struggling to meet the challenge of managing work and childcare. Under the Tories, the cost of … Continue reading »