Douglas Alexander MP, Labour’s Secretary of State for International Development, has welcomed the start of Fairtrade Fortnight by pledging the Labour Government’s continuing commitment to helping people in the developing world get a fair deal for their products. He said:

“Fair trade is fundamental to a fair world, a vital route out of poverty for millions of people across the globe. Fairtrade Fortnight is a reminder that it works and that this opportunity should be open to everyone.

“The Labour Government is backing the world’s poorest farmers with real help. We are increasing the Department for International Development’s support for fair trade and by 2010 we will have raised the UK’s support to help poorer countries trade to over £400 million a year.

“Fair terms of trade, honest prices, decent working conditions, and local sustainability benefit both the developing world and the UK. Helping people in the developing world to help themselves is the right thing to do. At home and abroad, it is Labour that will continue working for a fair future for all.”