It’s just stupid. Yes, its fun and easy, but we could be talking about the serious alternative to the system instead of whining about banker bonuses. ‘Re-mutualisation’ might have a lot of syllables, but it should be the word to follow every bad, populist joke about bankers and bonuses.

Northern Rock is the target for the Co-operative Party, with Gareth Thomas leading the way:

“Despite a coalition commitment to help mutuals, thus far in financial services there has been little of note. Mutuals and financial mutuals in particular are proof that there is another way”

Financial reform may seem nuanced and complex compared to the anti-cuts campaign, but putting real people back in command of banking is a clear way to make lasting change well after everyone’s bored of anti-banker jokes.

Labour passed substantial measures to power people wanting to put their money somewhere safe, but key parts the skilfully named ‘Co-operative Societies and Credit Unions Act 2010’ (Promoted by the Co-operative Party) is still waiting to be dealt with. And this Government has passed the buck when it comes to Northern Rock.

Yesterday Gareth Thomas led a debate in Westminster Hall debating the re-mutualisation of Northern Rock.