The Co-operative Party is consulting on its manifesto for the 2012 Greater London Authority elections. We would welcome your ideas and suggestions – please use the comment section below to let us know what you think.

Strong communities are an essential ingredient of a successful city. Co-operatives encourage people to come together over common interests and work together for mutual benefit.  Co-operative communities are strong communities. The Co-operative Party advocates support for community takeover of shops and pubs to prevent closure– especially given the increasing difficulty faced by shops and pubs on our high streets.

Strong communities are also built on confident and responsible young people. We are interested in hearing your views about how co-operatives can support young people in London and how the mayor and assembly can promote youth engagement with co-operatives in London.

Public safety is another crucial element of a successful community and one of the most effective ways of tackling crime is through promoting a strong community ethic. The Co-operative Party advocates community policing and supports opportunities for policing to become more responsive to the views of local people, for example through ‘Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships’. We would like to hear your views about how co-operative principles can help foster safer communities.

Example Questions:

  1. What policies at a cross-London level could be introduced to make simpler the process of community co-ops taking over disused shops and putting them at the use of the community?
  2. How can co-operatives be used to provide job or experience opportunities for young people?
  3. How can co-operative governance improve community policing? What can the Mayor and Assembly do to promote or improve ‘Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships’ (CDRPs)?

Please write your views, questions, comments and examples below.