The Co-operative Party is consulting on its manifesto for the 2012 Greater London Authority elections. We would welcome your ideas and suggestions – please use the comment section below to let us know what you think.

The Co-operative Party has been a champion for Fairtrade and trade justice in London. More broadly, the co-operative movement has a proud record of tackling poverty and injustice across the world. Co-operatives provide vital housing, health and banking services; promote gender equality and education; and protect the environment and workers’ rights. London must build its status as a champion of the global co-operative movement and this should be driven by the Mayor and Assembly – especially given that 2012 is the UN International Year of Co-operatives.

In addition, we are interested in your views of how to improve London’s environment. We live in one of the world’s most populous cities, with huge transport use and enormous amounts of waste generated. The needs of Londoners must be balanced against sustainable use of resources and good environmental management. The London environment has suffered under the current mayor, with air quality breaching European standards. Co-operatives have traditionally promoted sustainability and responsible environmental management – whether it is in our allotments, parks or environmentally responsible businesses. We welcome your views on how this can be further supported by the mayor and assembly.

Example Questions:

  1. What measures can be promoted by the Mayor and Assembly to improve London’s environment through the use of co-operative values?
  2. What next for the Fairtrade City?
  3. How can London continue to promote local food and the reduction of food miles, and to what extent can food co-operatives in London help achieve this?
  4. How can the Mayor and Assembly promote the UN International Year of Co-operatives in 2012?

Please write your views, questions, comments and examples below.