Co-operative Party activists will be taking to high streets across the country on Saturday October 15th to publicise our “The Feeling’s Mutual” Campaign. Co-operators will be setting up street stalls, handing out campaigning cheques, and asking members of the public to sign our petition.

The campaign calls for the re-mutualisation of Northern Rock and for a range of reforms to financial services in the UK. These include University credit unions, support for small businesses, and a Financial Inclusion Act. We believe passionately that co-op and mutual values have an important role to play in building a stronger, fairer Britain.

There are many ways you can get involved in the campaign day:

If you have two minutes:

•          Please sign our petition at and publicise the fact through social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

If you have 15 minutes:

•          Why not write a letter to your local newspaper talking about the campaign and why it matters to you?  You can write your own or use our ready-made template if you are short of time.

•          Maybe you could hand out leaflets in your local high street? The Party has produced campaigning ‘chequebooks’ where you can tear out cheques to hand to members of the public.

If you have an hour or more:

•          Why not get in touch with your local council? Many local authorities have a dedicated section of their Full Council meetings where members of the public can put a issue to the council. Even if you feel the campaign might not be supported, it will help to raise awareness of the issue and of co-operative values more generally.

•          Why not organise a canvassing session to target areas used by loan sharks and make the public aware that there are affordable alternatives?

If you want further details on campaigning in your area on the 15th please email Pete Jefferys at