Earlier this week, the 32nd Labour & Co-operative Member of Parliament, Steve Reed, took his seat in Parliament. Steve was elected as MP for Croydon North in the by-election last week to replace Malcolm Wicks, a great friend of the co-operative movement who died in September.

Steve won a massive 65% of the vote on Thursday 29th November, representing a further swing to Labour in a seat that had become voted Malcolm in with an increased majority on almost every occasion. The Conservatives were a distant second.

Steve has now resigned as Leader of Lambeth Council and as a councillor, but will continue to be a strong advocate of Co-operative Councils and local government in Parliament.

Mr Reed said he felt deeply honoured to be elected to represent Croydon North and believed he was leaving Lambeth much better off than when he took charge.┬áHe said: “Our developing plans to hand more power and control to local people as a co-operative council will ensure that services continue to become more effective and responsive in future.”