The scheme includes two solar projects which are the first in the UK to be installed on social housing

Luciana Berger visited Repowering South London’s award winning Solar projects in Brixton this month to find out how local co-operative community energy generation can be successful and what the Government should do to support it.

The project in Brixton is one of the few community energy schemes that have found success despite this Government’s feed-in-tariff debacle. During her visit Luciana, along with local council leader Councillor Lib Peck and cabinet member Councillor Imogen Walker, met with the project’s founders and investors, as well as young people gaining work experience.

Repowering South London comprises two solar projects which were the first in the UK to be installed on social housing. The panels generate 45,000kilowatt hours and offset 28 tonnes of carbon a year. This electricity powers communal services in the buildings like the lifts and internal lighting, while the surplus is exported to the Grid. In return residents in the block receive a reduction in their annual service charge. All residents also benefit from projects delivered through the Community Energy Efficiency Fund which includes home energy audits, draught busting workshops and information and advice on saving energy and reducing fuel bills.

Luciana said that the scheme “was an example of what can be achieved through working co-operatively and exactly the type of scheme Government policy should be used to encourage.”