Labour & Co-operative MP Louise Ellman and Labour & Co-operative Assembly Member Nicky Gavron are hosting an event on the Israeli co-operative movement.

Danny Gavron in conversation
Alternatives to the Market Society: Kibbutz, Commune, and Co-operative – Can we learn from the Israeli experience?

Sponsored by Louise Ellman MP
in partnership with Nicky Gavron AM

Wednesday 13 March 17.45 for 18.00 start
Committee Room 8, Palace of Westminster, Whitehall, SW1A 0AA
(Room booked in the name of Louise Ellman MP)

Please use the Cromwell Green entrance and allow extra time for security

British-born Israeli journalist Danny Gavron has worked for Israel Radio, The Jerusalem Post, and as managing editor of the Palestine-Israel Journal.

Among his best known work is Peace pays: Palestinians, Israelis, and the regional economy. His most recent publication is The Kibbutz: Awakening from Utopia. The Israeli kibbutz movement was arguably the longest lasting and most comprehensive experiment in socialism to date. Although many well-established kibbutzim have in recent years strayed from their egalitarian values, some of the young members have remained faithful to the communal ideal and have created urban communes all over the country. Communes are a world-wide phenomenon but this particular experience means Israel offers valuable insights to share with other societies, including our own.

Danny Gavron will review the history of the kibbutz and other co-operative structures, introducing a participatory discussion. In this context he will also give an update on the Israeli political situation since the election.

This event is free.

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