Labour & Co-operative MP Mark Hendrick’s Private Members’ Bill sought to enshrine in law the cross-party commitment to spend 0.7 percent of gross national income on official development assistance.

The Bill was initially up for second reading on 13th July 2012 but was objected to by a Tory MP. It was rescheduled for 1st March 2013 and again objected to by another Tory MP and thus will not be debated in this Parliamentary session.

In response, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development Ivan Lewis MP said:

“It is extraordinary that once again a backbench Tory MP has opposed legislation which was in the manifesto he stood on at the last general election and was reaffirmed in the Tory-Lib Dem Coalition Agreement. Enshrining 0.7 in law will not only secure the UK’s commitment to the poorest but will guarantee this is permanently linked to the state of our economy.”

It is to be hoped that the Tory-led Government will put right it’s broken promise and introduce the legislation in the Queen’s Speech in May.