During Fairtrade Fortnight, the Make Food Fair campaign was launched by the Fairtrade Foundation.

Smallholder farmers produce the majority of the world’s food, but they also make up half of the world’s hungriest people. Many rely on co-operatives to help them get their food to market. The G8 summit this June takes place in the UK and it is our first major chance to make a difference. Food and hunger top the agenda for these global decision makers, and they have the power to change the lives of millions of smallholders for the better.

Thousands have already signed the Fairtrade Foundation petition asking David Cameron to go further for smallholders and champion a better deal for them at the G8 summit, but they need thousands more to add their name before they hand the petition to him just before World Fair Trade Day (Saturday 11 May). It’s just a few weeks away.

We need to act now if we want to succeed. So if you haven’t already signed the petition, click here to do it now. If you’ve already signed, there are two more things you can do:

1) Ask your friends and family to sign the petition at fairtrade.org.uk/gofurther, or share the link on Facebook and Twitter

2) Collect signatures in your community – find all the resources you need, including petition forms, at fairtrade.org.uk/makefoodfair.