Whether you are in control or in opposition;  in a county, borough, metropolitan, unitary, town or parish council, you can change your community in a co-operative way.  Maybe that will be through economic development – promoting and supporting local co-operative businesses.  Perhaps you want to fight loan sharks by strengthening your council’s support for local credit unions, or promoting co-operative education by establishing young co-operatives in your local schools.

If you are hoping to be a candidate, or want to influence the local election campaign in your area, check our policy page for campaign and policy ideas.  Please help us by sharing your own ideas with other co-operative candidates  – write for us here or on our Facebook page, and tweet your co-operative election campaign events mentioning @coopparty

We want as many candidates as possible to stand as Labour & Co-operative, so if you haven’t already done so, contact your local branch or party council secretary and ask about the process for selection and endorsement.

All the information for party officers is on our support.coop site.  If you are a candidate, you can also go to the support.coop pages for guidance on the use of logos, text for election addresses etc.

If you are not a candidate, we still need you to argue for our ideas and to help to get Labour and Co-operative councillors elected.  Contact your local Co-operative party or branch to ask what you can do.