With 78.5% of the vote, this result in our Centenary year is a strong endorsement of a relationship which for a century has ensured our movement has a voice not just for its interests, but for its values.

But we all know there’s still much to do to ensure that voice is as strong as it can be. In this General Election, we have the chance to elect representatives up and down the country who share our values and who will stand up for the ambitions outlined in our policy platform published earlier this month.

If you aren’t doing so already, please consider signing up to support one of our 51 candidates across the country – you can do so here.

A huge thank you to all members and friends of the party in the wider labour and co-operative movements who took time out of busy local and general election campaigns to support us in this vote.

It’s only thanks to your hard work that, a century on, we’ve achieved all we have, and can look forward to all there is still to do.