Seving on the Disciplinary Committee is an important role in the Party.  The CPDC is called on to meet very rarely, but it plays a key part in ensuring that the rules of the Party are upheld and that all members act in accordance with our values and are treated fairly.

We are particularly seeking BAME, LGBT+ and members with disabilities to come forward, as well as members with relevant work or trade union experience. The CPDC has been expanded to 22 members – two each from Scotland & Northern Ireland, Wales, and the nine English regions.

Members are nominated by Societies, affiliates, Party Councils and branches and elected by the Societies/Affiliates and Party Councils in the region.

Candidates must be a member of the organisation (branch, local party, society or affiliate) that nominates them, and must have been a member of the Party continuously for 5 years.  Please see the CPDC election page for more information about the election and timetable, the role and responsibilities of the CPDC and an application form.

Applications close on 6 February.  After the closing date, applications will be forwarded to branches, party councils and affiliates for them to make a nomination.