It was really great to be given a space yesterday to speak about our experiences as trans and non-binary people on Trans Day of Visibility (31st March). It is important that the Co-operative Party, and wider movement, is actively inclusive of marginalised genders, so holding this event to speak about our experiences, and what we need in terms of policies and safer spaces, is a valuable first step. I believe it was the first event in the long history of the Party where a panel of all-transgender people could speak about what matters most to us.

I am really proud to be the Chair of the LGBTQ+ Co-operators, helping to build a network of LGBTQ+ co-operators and organisers ready to connect and push for change for our community. So being able to hear from Aleks, Dylan and Arthur as fellow young, trans people, and their hopes for the future of our movement was fantastic.

To us, we all felt that Trans Day of Visibility is important for the community to take ownership of the often negative narrative that surrounds us, dispel some myths about trans people – but ultimately to be loud and proud about who we are. Trans people have little representation in media, so the Co-operative Party working with us to become a safe and welcoming space, where we can be ourselves and represent our community freely, is so important.

I am looking forward to more events, collective organising and productive conversations about how we can involve trans and non-binary people in the Co-operative Party’s work. Equality and participation are core values to our movement, so we’re excited to be a part of the Party’s work on ensuring equalities issues are at the top of the agenda. And as the network’s Chair, ensuring LGBTQ+ priorities are heard across our whole movement will always be my priority.