This weekend over 30 Co-operators from across the East Midlands came together in Gedling to knock on doors, deliver leaflets and run a street stall. Activists, two MPs, a Labour & Co-operative member of the House of Lords and the excellent local Labour & Co-operative County and Borough Councillors coming together to take a lead in winning back vital key seats.

The road to a Labour & Co-operative Government runs right through the East Midlands. Starting with seats like Gedling. We can’t form a Labour and Co-operative Government without winning here.  The campaign days our East Midlands Co-operative Party are planning across the East Midlands in the coming months is about providing local parties the support of our movement to take the fight to the Tories, something to organise around and a get together to boost morale after too many months meeting and campaigning on a screen.

Labour’s poll lead gave everyone a lift, and that positive news continued on the doors with a warm response. People tired of corruption of the Tories in government and wanting a politics that is different. A politics we in the Co-operative movement provide – power in the hands of people. And, of course, two solid hours of doorknocking were followed by the age-old tradition of a post-campaign discussion in a local pub.

We as an East Midlands Co-operative Party are committed to being at the frontline of the campaign to deliver a Labour & Co-operative Government at the next election. As well as providing the radical policy solutions we need, we’ll be out campaigning in Gedling, Derby North, Northampton, Bassetlaw, Loughborough and all the other key seats Labour must win and where our members, Councillors, MPs and others are already making a difference.

So, join us at the next East Midlands Co-operative Party campaign day. The next campaigning session will be Derby on the afternoon of 4th December in Derby North, details to be found here.