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Photo by Aaron Doucett on Unsplash

It is a national scandal that food poverty remains rife in a country as rich as Scotland.  That is why I am launching a consultation on my bill to enshrine the Right to Food in Scots Law.

I hope this launches a meaningful conversation on how to tackle the scourge of food poverty, but the truth is it shouldn’t take yet another consultation to convince us to act.

It is shameful that the SNP and the Greens are forcing us to waste valuable time consulting again while children up and down the country are going hungry.

I hope we can drop the partisan politics and unite around this Bill to enshrine in law the fundamental principle that no-one in Scotland should be going without food.

Please have a look at the consultation here and respond letting me know what you think.

I know that over the next couple of months the Co-operative Party will be making its voice heard on this important issue what out for more content.

The Co-operative Party have long campaigned on this issue, I want to thank them and the many other stakeholders who have helped me pick up this campaign, for their help, support and guidance, especially those who form part of my advisory group.