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Photo by Natracare on Unsplash

Today, the Period Products Act came into force in Scotland.  I campaigned for this legislation and with cross-party support piloted it through the Scottish Parliament.  As a co-operator concern for the community is hugely important and showing a concern for an issue faced by half of the community and which impacts on the whole community and was until now largely ignored by legislators was important.

The Period Products Act means that councils and education providers have to make free items available to those who need them.

I’m proud to have pioneered the Period Products Act which is already influencing positive change in Scotland and around the world.

Local authorities and partner organisations have worked hard to make the legal right to access free period products a reality. I’m grateful to them and the thousands of people who have got involved across the country, including many co-operators.

This is another big milestone for period dignity campaigners and grassroots movements which shows the difference that progressive and bold political choices can make. As the cost-of-living crisis takes hold, the Period Products Act is a beacon of hope which shows what can be achieved when politicians come together for the good of the people we serve.”