I’m honoured to be one of the youngest ever Parish Councillors in Saddleworth, one of the first trans councillors in Greater Manchester and one of the first Labour and Co-operative councillors elected this election cycle. We’ve had a huge need for better representation in politics, and to get elected into a position where mainly older people usually get elected, it shows the appetite for that representation here in Saddleworth. My ward of Delph is a true co-operative haven – as you enter the village you are greeted by the old Co-operative Hall, now the Millgate Arts Centre, and two other co-operatives in the village.

The borough of Oldham has a great history of co-operative values and I can’t wait to bring these values to Saddleworth Parish Council as we look towards an exciting time locally. Greater Manchester is bringing buses back under public control thanks to our Labour & Co-operative Mayor, Andy Burnham and this comes to Oldham in 2024 – meaning that we will be able to have public transport that is accessible to those who need it, rather than just on profitable routes.

Co-operative values have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I will be a champion for co-operative solutions to the issues that we’ll face over the next few years. Working locally with initiatives to ensure food security and working alongside residents to help co-operatives thrive. I can’t wait to get started and hopefully be joined by more Labour & Co-op councillors on Saddleworth Parish Council and at Oldham Council more widely.