Become a Conference Delegate

Co-operative Party Annual Conference is our biggest event of the year, with members coming together to debate and vote on our policy and hear from speakers from across the co-operative and labour movements. This year’s Conference will take place from 13-15 October in London and will be a special one as we mark 100 years since we were established and re-found the Party to fight the challenges we face today.

The role of a delegate is to represent the views of other members to Conference. Delegates are elected by local and national co-operative parties as well as affiliated co-operative societies. Travel and accommodation costs will normally be covered.

If you would like to be a delegate, please complete the form below to notify your Party who will get in touch to let you know if you have been chosen. Don’t worry if you are not a delegate this year as visitor registration opens later in the Spring.

Be a Conference Delegate

  • We need to know this as Party Councils are asked to have a balanced delegation.
  • We need to know this as bursaries are in place to help Party Councils with the costs of sending young people as delegates.
  • Please tell us a bit about yourself including why you would like to attend Conference; your involvement with the Co-operative Party; and any other relevant experience you have that might be useful in your role as a delegate.