April 2017
March 2017

An open letter to the co-operative movement

Claire McCarthy

General Secretary

Co-operative Party General Secretary Claire McCarthy has written an open letter to the co-operative movement, reflecting on our achievements over the past 100 years, and thanking those who founded the Party and who continue to support it today.

February 2017

Postcards from Germany: an energy revolution, and how it happened

Ben West

Communications & Digital Officer

In recent months, a delegation from the Party, in partnership with FES, investigated how co-operative and mutual approaches are key to Germany’s economic success. So what are the lessons for the UK? In the first of a two part series, Communications Officer Ben West looks at what we can learn from Germany's community energy revolution. 

Rebuilding our Co-op

Richard Pennycook

Our Co-op is back, and in post financial-crisis, post-Brexit Britain, we have the opportunity to show that the spirit of the Rochdale Pioneers lives on

January 2017