Party Council Reporting 2017

Shane Brogan
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20th March 2017
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7th December 2017
31st May 2020
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Party Councils are required to submit an annual report setting out their activity over the previous twelve months and your plans for the year ahead.

Based on feedback from officer we have updated the template that we used last year to make it easier to use. This year your report will therefore contains three sections:

  • Section A asks for general information about your party council, including
    officers and meeting dates (click here to download);
  • Section B asks for your accounts for 2016 – you can use either of the templates
    provided (click here to download);
  • Section C asks you to report against the six categories that party councils are
    asked to focus on, as well as setting out your future plans – this was previously
    the development plan (click here to download).

The General Information and Accounts forms (Sections A and B) must be returned using the templates provided. However, if you prefer you can submit your Activity Report (Section C) in another format, provided it covers the same topics.

The deadline for receipt of these . No funding can be transferred to party councils until these reports are received.  If your accounts have not been audited by this date, you may submit un-audited accounts.

These reports help us report to supporting societies and members on the work of party councils, but are also important for the Membership & Party Support Team to provide support for party council activities during 2017.

Action Points
  • Complete Sections A and B of your report
    Using the templates provided on this page.
  • Complete Section C
    If you prefer, you may submit an activity report in an alternative format.
  • Submit your report by 31 March 2017
  • Failure to submit them by 31 March may result in your grant being re-allocated.
For more information

For more information please contact

Shane Brogan

Membership Manager