A plan for a co-operative Britain where power and wealth are shared

A co-operative plan for a Britain where power and wealth are shared.

Rebalance Britain’s economy

Double the size of the co-operative movement, support small businesses, and generate wealth from the bottom-up using smarter procurement and a new network of regional banks.

Shake up Britain’s boardrooms

Employees and consumers should be represented on company boards, giving them a say in deciding how the business is run.

Own our energy

Replace the ‘Big Six’ energy giants with thousands of community-owned renewable energy co-operatives.

Break the stranglehold of the big banks

Create financial services for people, not profit, with a new generation of building societies and stronger credit unions.

Social care that puts users and carers first

Shift profits and power from shareholders to carers and service users, to build a social care system we can be proud of.

Fix our broken housing market

Provide a secure and affordable alternative for private renters with new co-operative housing.

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