Build a future for our communities that’s bottom up, not trickle down.

In uncertain times, if anything's clear, it's that trickle-down economics is dead, and that people are hungry for something new. What if the alternative was bottom up?

The Co-operative Party just launched a practical guide to community wealth building: a way of using co-operatives to create local economic growth by making the most of the people, talent, skills and ideas that already exist in every community.

The new publication, shows how communities, councillors, the public sector and those working in regional economic development can work together to create local jobs, tackle inequality and keep wealth circulating in the local economy.

It’s a way of doing things which is inspired by the pioneering ‘Cleveland model’ in Ohio’s rust belt, and which the Party – working with pioneering councils like Preston – is working to bring to the UK.

And with your help – we can make it happen in your community too.

Get involved in our work to bring community wealth building to the UK

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