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Make your MSP #ThinkSprinklers

Thank you for agreeing to contact your MSPs in respect of David Stewart’s Bill to make new social housing safer.

Remember, you can email your 8 MSPs: your 1 constituency and 7 regional MSPs. You can use our suggested text,  and when you’ve entered your details on the right, paste into into the email to MSPs.

Draft letter to MSPs

I am writing to you to ask that you support David Stewart’s proposal for a Member’s Bill that would require fire sprinklers to be installed in all new social housing. Fire safety is a crucial issue in Scotland. In 2013-2014, Scottish fatalities in domestic fires were still 12% above the English figure and, in 2015-16, in Scotland there were 39 dwelling fire fatalities (8.4 per million compared to 5.5 in England) and 1,045 non-fatal casualties.

Deprived areas are also disproportionately affected; the 2009 Scotland Together report found that 31% of all accidental dwelling fires occurred in the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation’s 15% most deprived areas.

It is therefore important that we ensure out building standards and fire protection
measures are as robust as possible. Fire sprinklers are a tried and tested method of
preventing the death, injury and damage that fires cause. Public consultation on David Stewart’s Bill revealed extensive support for installing sprinklers in social housing with 94% of respondent supportive of the proposal.

A final proposal for the Bill has been lodged and MSPs have until June 21 to add their name in support by contacting the Parliament’s Chamber Desk.
This Bill is an opportunity to protect some of Scotland’s most vulnerable populations, as well as invest in the safety of social housing across Scotland. I would therefore urge you to add your support.

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