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Devolution must be more than a choice between Whitehall and City Hall

26 August 2016 Blog

To be meaningful, devolution must be about letting communities make decisions for themselves - not simply shifting power from one tier of politicians to another

A response to recent media reports

The Co-operative Party has issued the following statement in response to recent media speculation surrounding its relationship with the Labour Party

What if house prices were linked to wages so local people could afford them?

House prices in London now increasing in value at twice the average yearly earnings. A group of co-operators in East London are working to put home ownership back within reach of the rest of us.

Co-op councillors demand suppliers pay their fair share of tax

Co-operative councillors in Salford and Durham tighten procurement rules to ensure suppliers are transparent in their tax affairs

Luciana Berger pledges to put passengers before profit in Liverpool City Region

The Co-operative Party's candidate for Liverpool Metro Mayor promises to overhaul the region's transport by increasing the role of not-for-profit and co-operative bus operators.

It’s time to give passengers legal powers to stand up to big bus companies

Bus routes can be just as much the lifeblood of communities as pubs, post offices and playing fields - so why shouldn't local people have the same powers to protect them?

The FA receives £30m of our money. Isn’t it time we had some say in English football’s governing body?

With the Government demanding long-overdue reform of the FA, it's clear that the Game can only thrive with fans at its heart