Thursday 16th September – 6pm - 7pm

Preparing for your Interview

This session is designed to give you support ahead of your Labour Party panel interview. We will share some best practice, give an overview of what to expect and help you to prepare answers that show you in the best light.

Thursday 23rd September – 6pm - 7pm

Preparing for your Selection Meeting

This interactive session will walk you through the process of your Labour Party selection meeting. If you have a speech prepared please feel free to bring it along.

Thursday 2nd September  – 12.30pm to 1.30pm


Do you have any questions, concerns or hesitations about becoming a Co-op candidate? Do you want to know more about the role, how it will fit with your current responsibilities, what to do if your colleagues are not Co-op candidates, how to prepare for a selection meeting? All questions answered during this informal Q&A session.

No topic is too big or too small, come along and find out how we can help.



Chantal Lee
07518 906479

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