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Our conference

Conference guides

Help: Your essential guide to conference

Learn how to access conference, ask questions and more.

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Help: Joining the policy debates

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Help: Conduct and Safeguarding

Important information on staying safe at conference.

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Policy papers

Policy Paper: Making Business Work for the Common Good

Policy Paper: Connecting communities: from buses to broadband


Conference papers

Co-op Party Annual Review


Board Report & Accounts


Notice of AGM


Co-operative Party Rules


Co-operative Party Rules Explanatory Note


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Our party

Video: Things to Safeguard, Things to Stand For, Things to Achieve

Looking for a quick explainer on the Co-op Party? Watch our short video on the past, present and future of the Co-operative Party.

Co-operative Party FAQs

What is a co-op? Aren't you a supermarket? How are you linked to the Labour Party? All your questions, answered.

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Our campaigns

Food Justice

In the sixth richest country in the world, nobody should go hungry. And yet over century after the Rochdale Pioneers founded one of the world's first co-operatives to provide cheap, nutrious food for their community, there are still too many families facing food poverty right here in the UK.

Join our Food Justice campaign as we fight food poverty at all levels of government, from working with local councils to develop food plans to campaigning for a national Right to Food.

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Love It? List It!

Love it? List it! is the Co-operative Party’s newest campaign to help communities take the first step to protect the loved local places like parks, pubs and post offices from being sold-off.

We're aiming to list over 1,000 local spots as "assets of community value" and fighting to give communities more powers to protect and eventually own the local places that bind them together.

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Not Part of the Job

From alcohol and cigarettes to knives and acid, there are now more than 50 types of products that are restricted by law. It's staff on the shop floor who we expect to enforce those laws, and who all too often pay the price in the form of violence, threats and verbal and physical abuse from customers.

Nobody should face violence at work, and we have a special responsibility to protect those responsible for upholding the law. That's why the Co-operative Party, co-operative retail societies, USDAW and more are backing a change to the law to secure stronger protections for shopworkers and tougher penalties against those who assault or threaten them.

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Ending Modern Slavery

Every year, councils across the UK spend over £40 billion of public money to provide and maintain their services. But in those huge supply chains, modern slavery can thrive.

That’s why we started the Co-operative Party’s Charter Against Modern Slavery, to bridge a gap in the law by signing up Councils to tackle Modern Slavery in their supply chains.

This year we saw the 100th council sign up to the Charter, but that's just the begining. Add your name now and join our campaign to eradicate modern slavery from every council area in the UK.

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Our ideas

Report: Owning The Future

Earlier this year, we published Owning The Future: The Co-operative Plan for Recovery, and it's the big ideas contained in that report which inspired the theme of this conference.

As we slowly emerge from the Covid-19 lockdown, we are at a crossroads. We can return to the unequal economy that characterised pre-Covid Britain, or we can create something better. The last few months have shown that we can respond to crisis with kindness, and communities – not corporations – have led the way.

It's time we gave communities more ownership of the wider economy. By widening ownership, we can narrow inequality and create a new normal – one where you own your workplace, own your community and own the future.

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Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds

Avoiding an economic cliff edge means narrowing inequality. To do this, more people need a stake in our economy.

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First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford

We must draw on the Co-op Party's ideas if we are to re-think and re-cast the Wales of tomorrow in the face of this current moment of disruption.

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Scottish Labour Leader Richard Leonard

We must harness the hard work and creativity of Scottish communities to end inequality and build a fair economy.

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Our work

Video: 2020 Parliamentary Update

Video: Wales Update

Video: Parliamentary Interventions

Video: Scotland Report

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Blog: Co-op Parliamentarians are playing an active role – with or without Parliament


Blog: Covid-19 hasn’t stopped Co-operation in Parliament


Our movement

Our subscribing societies

Our subscribing societies are an important part of our Party and our movement, and they make the work we do possible.

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Our conference partners

A thank you to the organisations taking part in our Owning The Future conference.

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Contributions from the movement

Read blogs, watch videos and learn more about some of the amazing co-ops that make up our movement.

Contributed by: Central England Co-operative

Blog: MP leading fight to better protect shop staff backs our ‘zero tolerance’ plea


Contributed by: the Co-op Group

Blog: We’re supporting our communities through this extraordinary year, and beyond



Contributed by: The Midcounties Co-operative

Learn more: The Midcounties Co-operative – who we are & what we stand for


Contributed by: East of England Co-operative

Action: Helping to combat food poverty in the East of England

Take action

Contributed by: Community the Union

Learn more: Our Community Offer


Contributed by: USDAW

Learn: The latest from USDAW

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Contributed by: Scotmid

Leaflet: Scotmid Community Support 2020


Contributed by: Revolver

Offer: 10% off Co-op Tea & Coffee with code coopparty2020


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