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Co-operation will be on the ballot paper in 2021, with almost 90% of the country able to cast their vote for a Co-operative candidate in May.

To get co-operators elected across England, Scotland and Wales, we will need your help. Sign up now and you'll get updates and actions from our virtual Elections 2021 campaign trail. Every day between now and 6th May counts: make sure you don't miss a single one.

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Where are elections taking place?

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This year will see a bumper set of elections take place across England, Scotland and Wales - with a Co-operative candidate on the ballot in nearly 90% of the country.

There have never been so many chances to campaign and vote for a Co-op candidate in your area: find out what elections are happening near you now!

Making The #CoopDifference

What makes a Co-operative candidate different to others on your ballot paper? These are just some of the ideas that Co-operators are bringing to your area.

Tackling food poverty locally with a Right to Food

It isn’t right that in one of the richest countries in the world, households still struggle to put food on the table. This pandemic has shone a light on food inequality, but it has also made it worse. We want councils to bring about change locally by appointing a food champion and developing a food partnership.

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Rebuilding a fairer local economy by recovering our high streets and town centres

As we come out of this crisis, we face many more shops sitting empty than when we went into it. Many of these are owned by landlords with no connection to or interest in the local community. We will put Community Wealth Building at the heart of local recoveries from Covid-19.

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Encouraging community ownership of our public places like parks, pubs and post offices

When public places are owned by the people that use them, they can’t be sold off to the highest bidder. And as many of these spaces have struggled to keep going through this crisis, community ownership can help to safeguard them.

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Making sure everyone pays their fair share of tax

Billions are missing from our public purse because some companies choose to avoid paying corporation tax. These same companies have since benefited from taxpayer support through this crisis or asked for bailouts. Not only does this mean that less money is available for public services, but that smaller, local businesses can’t compete. We want councils to sign up to the Fair Tax Mark and embed fair taxes into their procurement requirements.

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Working to make communities safer, stronger and greener

Tackling injustice is at the heart of what we do. From tackling the climate crisis through investing in renewable community energy, to ensuring retails workers have protection from abuse and violence at work, we can rebuild our communities in a way that is fairer and more just.
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Campaigning with us

Postal Vote Campaign

Due to the ongoing effects of the pandemic, many may feel wary about voting in-person. Therefore it is crucial that we encourage as many of those people as possible to register to vote by post. A postal vote will be sent by post around two weeks before the polling date, giving them plenty of time to make sure they can vote.

Our friends at the Labour Party have made a handy tool which helps you fill out the form to apply for a postal vote, which you can find at Download our Labour & Co-operative postal vote sharers now, and send them with the link to your friends and family to via social media or WhatsApp.

Campaigning safely on the doorstep

It is incredibly important that if you are out campaigning, you do so in line with UK Government guidance, and guidance relevant to the devolved nations. All activity will still need to adhere to rules regarding social distancing and limits on gatherings.

You can read the UK Government guidance in full here.

Campaigners in England can now resume doorstep campaigning. In Wales, campaigners can resume leafleting however door-knocking is not permitted.

We know that many people will not feel comfortable with resuming in-person campaigning because of their personal circumstances. But don't worry – there are lots of ways to get involved from home too!

Campaigning from home

Call for Co-operation Generic

One of the easiest ways to get involved from home is phonebanking for Co-op candidates: whether that is your local candidate or ones around the country. Click the button below to find our next phonebank!

Campaigning online

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