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It’s time to give passengers legal powers to stand up to big bus companies

Bus routes can be just as much the lifeblood of communities as pubs, post offices and playing fields - so why shouldn't local people have the same powers to protect them?

The FA receives £30m of our money. Isn’t it time we had some say in English football’s governing body?

With the Government demanding long-overdue reform of the FA, it's clear that the Game can only thrive with fans at its heart

An alternative to BHS-style capitalism isn’t just a dream. It’s out there, and it works.

The Co-op CEO has written to the Times newspaper making the case for the co-operative alternative

Is the government washing its hands of the social care crisis?

26 July 2016 Blog

The Co-operative Party’s Policy Officer James Scott reacts to news that Social Care Ministerial Oversight has been reduced in the new Government.

Not waiting for Whitehall: Councils are re-shaping local economies right now

25 July 2016 Blog

Local and regional leaders do not have to wait for more powers to be handed out from Whitehall. They can take action and begin to rebalance our economy right away.

Co-operative Potential for Liverpool City Region

After speaking in a Westminster Hall debate on co-operatives' contribution to the economy, Luciana Berger outlines her co-operative vision for the Liverpool City Region.

Labour Leadership Election

15 July 2016 Blog

As in previous UK Labour Leadership elections, Co-operative Party membership does not entitle you to a vote. To vote you must be a Labour Party member, registered supporter or affiliated supporter.