Every day, more than 250 shop workers are attacked – just for doing their jobs.

From alcohol and cigarettes to knives and acid, there are now more than 50 types of products that are restricted by law. It's staff on the shop floor who we expect to enforce those laws, and who all too often pay the price in the form of violence, threats and verbal and physical abuse from customers.

Nobody should face violence at work, and we have a special responsibility to protect those responsible for upholding the law.

That's why the Co-operative Party and shop workers' union USDAW are working together to secure stronger protections for shop workers selling age-restricted products, and tougher penalties against those who assault or threaten them.

I support making it an offence to assault, threaten or abuse a shopworker who is preventing an illegal sale.

It's Not Part of the Job

Sources: USDAW, 'Freedom From Fear Survey' 2017; The Co-operative Group, 'It’s not part of the job’ Report 2019

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