Pioneering the Future: The Co-operative Party’s First 100 years


Co-operative Party Centenary book. 60 pages (paperback)


‘Pioneering the Future’, written to commemorate the Party’s Centenary, tells the story of the Party’s first hundred years, and an overview of the Party today in its Centenary year. The story begins by examining the political roots of the co-operative movement itself, in which, against the backdrop of the industrial revolution, groups of radicals and visionaries banded together to mobilise the collective strength of ordinary people to build better lives for themselves and their communities.

It explains how the pressures of the First World War led the co-operative movement to the decision in 1917 to found a party of its own,  and everything that we’ve achieved together in the hundred years since. It then goes on to provide an overview of the Party as it is today, with full-page photos of the Party’s Centenary celebrations, and a summary of our successes in the 2017 General Election.

Whether as a highly readable introduction to the Co-operative Party and its history, or as a memento of the Party’s Centenary year, ‘Pioneering the Future’ is an indispensable addition to any co-operator’s bookshelf or gift for family and friends.