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Why I became Britain’s youngest co-operative councillor

Nathan Burns

Nominated by Ealing Branch; London Party; Waltham Forest Branch

Co-operative approaches could help solve some of the biggest problems faced by Lancaster’s student population - and as its newest councillor, I'll be working to build the City into a real stronghold of co-operative activity

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Co-operation at all levels

James Scott

With the transfer of powers to city regions, there's an opportunity for the growth of co-operation and for local people to have an increased say on the services they depend. We must be ready to seize these opportunities.

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March 2015

Backing fairtrade footballs in Glasgow

Richard McCready

Political Officer

People often question what difference being a ‘Co-operative Council’ makes.  Glasgow City Council has a very interesting answer to that question especially in relation to promoting a fairtrade sports goods co-operative.

November 2014

Labour’s Local Offer

Richard McCready

Political Officer

This week's Fabian Society and NLGN leaflet sets out an exciting vision for local government - and it's clear that co-operative and mutual approaches have an important role to play.

May 2014
April 2014

Local elections

Karen Wilkie

Deputy General Secretary

Alongside the European elections, hundreds of co-operators will be standing in local council elections across England. Here's how you can get involved.