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Around the country, community shops provide a lifeline for local residents.  Coronavirus means that in rural communities, many older, lower income and more vulnerable residents feel this even more acutely, as they cannot travel to big supermarkets and rely on being able to buy their food essentials locally.   

However, as the Plunkett Foundation report, their ability to do so is at risk. Many community shops are concerned about being disadvantaged by disruption to their supply distribution. They worry that greater demand from larger supermarkets risks them dropping down the priorities of distributors. 

Your can read the Plunkett Foundation CEO’s letter to the grocery industry here.


What Co-operative Councillors & Activists Can Do

Action 1: Contact your local community shop

  1. Find your local community shop using this interactive map
  2. Call or email the shop and ask them if they are able to access the supplies they need.
  3. If your community shop is experiencing difficulties, contact Plunkett on 01993810730 or

Action 2: Join our Co-operative Live event on Community Shops

On Wednesday 15th April, we'll be speaking to Harriet English from the Plunkett Foundation on the impact of Covid-19 on rural communities and community businesses. Sign up here to take part!

Action 3: Share your support

Our community shops need our support now more than ever. Click here to share your support.

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