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With the global pandemic shaping our family lives, our communities, and the economy, everything has changed since Liam Byrne was selected as the Labour & Co-operative candidate for Metro Mayor. Though it presents many challenges, it also presents an opportunity to shape a radical new future our area with our co-operative values at the heart of it.

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This is the start of a community-led revolution that can make the West Midlands all that we know it can be. So let’s not stop here. Fill in the form to get your copy of the report and find out more.

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we want to hear from you

The Co-operative Taskforce has been set up to explore what kind of future we want to build and we want to hear from you.

How do we rapidly scale up Community Wealth Building in our city region? How can we ensure we rebuild prosperity for the many in our region, creating an environment where co-ops can flourish?

How can we champion the right to food and ensure that no child ever goes hungry and address food poverty and justice? The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the issue of food justice to the fore: how can we address food poverty and ensure there is justice?

How can we become Britain’s first carbon-neutral region? How can utilise the power of municipal and community energy to create a green industrial revolution.

Send us your ideas! If you have other ideas or thoughts then please get in touch.

Taskforce co-chairs

Liam Byrne Hex

Liam Byrne MP

Labour & Co-operative candidate for Metro Mayor, and MP for Hodge Hill.

Preet Gill

Preet Gill MP

Vice-Chair of the Co-operative Parliamentary Party, and Birmingham Edgbaston MP.

Olivia Birch

Cllr Olivia Birch

Wolverhampton Councillor, and Director of Revolver Co-op,

Tony Kennedy.jpg

Tony Kennedy

Chair of the Birmingham, Solihull and Tamworth Co-op Branch.

About the Taskforce

The West Midlands Co-operative Taskforce has been set up by Liam Byrne, Shadow Mayor of the West Midlands and MP for Birmingham Hodge Hill.  It will meet over the coming months to develop plans to support the scaling up of co-operatives in the West Midlands. The Taskforce is supported by the Co-operative Party.

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