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We are the political voice of the co-operative movement in London. Our 1500 members include over 200 Councillors & Assembly Members and 25 MPs. Founded in 1917.

Joined May 2015

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  1. 21 Dec 2016

    172 years ago today, the first Co-op opened its doors. 2016 marks the year we started our journey back to being Co-op

  2. 9 Dec 2016
  3. 8 Dec 2016

    Tide is turning against : on setting out why Tax Summit matters (5.31)

  4. 2 Dec 2016

    and mutuals well-represented at Day 1 of Germany's presidency of the G20.

  5. 5 Dec 2016

    We're looking for a Chair, 2 Vice Chairs and up to 6 members on our Exec Oversight Cttee. There are also 5 Member spaces on the V & P Board

    , , and 7 others
  6. 6 Dec 2016

    Great to host early Chanukah celebrations at City Hall & mark the contribution London’s Jewish community make to our city. Chanukah sameach!

    , , and 4 others
  7. 6 Dec 2016

    'Janet Street Porter' at Very tasty beer. JSP lived in the Borough at Perivale in "rage and misery"

  8. 6 Dec 2016

    Nice first pint at LB Ealing's first micropub in heart of Walpole ward. Starting on their Ordinary

  9. 26 Nov 2016

    The great Alfred Barnes died today in 1974. Attlee's Transport Minister 1945-50, Chair 1924-45. Only one leg from age of 8.

  10. 26 Nov 2016

    Cerebos Gardens in Victoria Road. Created in 1980s on my suggestion as planning gain. To be destroyed by HS2 works.

  11. 26 Nov 2016

    Torture & dictatorship aren't items on a ledger sheet to balance against education & healthcare. They're crimes we should always stand agst.

  12. 12 Nov 2016

    We must remember the dead, but let's not forget the living. My piece on supporting those fighting

  13. 13 Nov 2016

    One year on from the Bataclan terror attack, Londoners stand shoulder to shoulder with Parisians, remembering those who lost their lives.

  14. 12 Nov 2016

    Interesting fringe meeting on their campaign to get all corporations to pay their fair share of tax

  15. 12 Nov 2016

    Roy Kennedy at fringe says LB Lewisham will be requiring Council contractors to be fair tax compliant

  16. 12 Nov 2016

    Christian Wolmar (Richmond Labour Candidate) speaks to and says big issue on the doorstep locally is Brexit not Heathrow.

  17. 12 Nov 2016

    Big cheers for video at , before the man himself speaks. is the theme of day

  18. 12 Nov 2016

    Sadiq praises Labour Cllrs and Leaders in London, and singles out of (cheers from delegates).

  19. 12 Nov 2016

    And if other cllrs want to support - model motion here

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