Help us win
in 2024

The next 12 months will see both an important set of Local Elections and the General Election we've all been waiting for – one which could finally us elect a Labour & Co-operative Government.

To make this happen, we need your help. With just months to go until we go to the polls, there are still millions of people we need to hear our message before the election.

By joining #TeamCoop, you'll help elect Co-operative Candidates across the country and get access to exclusive training, events and resources to help elect the next Labour & Co-operative Government. Let's do this. Together.

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Your first steps


Step one: Use our mobilisation tool

Our #TeamCoop mobilisation tool is your one-stop shop to getting involved ahead of the next election. Find out if you have a Co-op candidate standing near you, sign up for volunteering opportunities, training events and much more.


Step two: Check out our online training and events

From training on effective doorstep conversations to policy discussions on the issues that will define the next election, our Co-op Party Live are an accessible way for members to get involved and will make a great supplement to those hitting the doorsteps in support of our candidates across the country.


Step three: Become a #TeamCoop Digital Campaigner

Get the latest campaigns, news and graphics to share on your social media before anyone else by joining our Digital Campaigners WhatsApp and becoming an official Co-operative Campaigner!

Campaigning resources

Use our mobilisation tool

Want to find out if there is a Co-op candidate standing near you and how you can get involved?
Pop your postcode into our #TeamCoop tool now and we'll let you know where your nearest regional campaign launch is and how you can support the campaign for a Labour & Co-operative Government.

Online training

Sign up for online training essions now on everything from having effective doorstep conversations to how to campaign online like a digital pro.

Get your merch

Order merch including Labour & Co-operative hats, badges, clipboards and more on our shop!.

Campaign: Co-op Growth

Help us double the size of the co-operative sector.

Campaign: Community energy

The next Labour & Co-operative Government will make the biggest ever investment in community-owned energy, creating thousands of new owners of clean, green energy.

Campaign: Local ownership

Sign your name now to join our campaign for local ownership of community assets and back our call for a Community Right to Buy.

Got a suggestion?

If there are resources that you'd like to see as a member, a branch or a candidate, let us know by dropping us a line!

Let's do this. Together.

For nearly 100 years, the Labour Party and the Co-operative Party have worked in partnership and stood joint candidates. Today, there are 24 Labour & Co-operative MPs and over 1,500 other Labour & Co-operative elected representatives right across the country, at every level of government.

From community ownership of renewable energy to worker ownership of businesses, the Co-operative Party believes in giving people a say and a stake in our economy.

Our party is powered by our members.

By becoming a Co-operative Party member as well as a Labour member, you can have your say in our policy, in our selections and in our campaigns. Become a member today from just £2.45 a month, and help build a build a Britain where power and wealth are shared.

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