Call for #AccessToCash

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Cash is slowly disappearing from our economy, with those lacking access to banking services or otherwise reliant on using cash increasingly left out.

In rural or isolated areas, cash is often a necessity – but access to that cash is getting more difficult. A quarter of all cash machines now charge fees, with some charging as much as £2 to access your own money. 8,700 free cash machines have closed in the last two years and with more bank branches disappearing, the situation is getting even more difficult.

Compounding this, increased take-up of contactless technology combined with the pandemic has meant that more and more retailers do not accept cash. Yet according to a recent survey, over 10 million people in the UK are reliant on cash and would struggle to pay for necessities without it.

We need to ensure that cash remains an option, so that the elderly, the vulnerable and the isolated do not lose out. Will you call on the Government now to take steps to increase #AccessToCash?

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Call for Access to Cash

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