Co-operative Party – Sharing Power & Wealth

Sharing power and wealth

We are the party of the co-operative movement, committed to building a society where power and wealth are shared.

Democratic public ownership of the services and utilities we all rely on. Tackling the housing crisis through co-operative housing. Fans having a say in their sports club. Credit unions as an alternative to rip-off payday lenders. Shops owned by their customers that give back to the community.

Working in partnership with Labour, the Co-operative Party is a voice for co-operative values and principles from local communities up to the places where decisions are taken and laws are made.

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in 2024

The next 12 months will see both an important set of Local Elections and the General Election we've all been waiting for – one which could finally us elect a Labour & Co-operative Government.

To make this happen, we need your help. With just months to go until we go to the polls, there are still millions of people we need to hear our message before the election.

By joining #TeamCoop, you'll help elect Co-operative Candidates across the country and get access to exclusive training, events and resources to help elect the next Labour & Co-operative Government. Let's do this. Together.

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How we saved our club’s football ground through community ownership.

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Unleashing community ownership: Putting places and people in control.

an aerial view of a city with a river running through it

Unleashing community power.

We believe in a society and economy driven by values, not profits.

Our vision is of a society and economy in which people's voices are heard; institutions and services are accountable to their users and staff, and ownership and wealth are shared.

We believe that co-operatives values are key to making that ambition a reality. We’re working in partnership with Labour to spark a radical shift in the size of the co-operative sector, and to bring key sectors like transport and utilities into democratic public ownership.

Co-operative elected representatives in Westminster, Holyrood, Cardiff Bay and in local government across the UK are working to put these ideas into practice – and our reach, membership and impact are growing.

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