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Let’s talk co-operative.

Co-operative policies and principles are what we need right now and make a positive difference to the lives of everyone in our community.

Co-operation is at the core of the Welsh Government

Recent weeks have seen our largest ever group of Members of the Senedd elected, many appointed to the Cabinet, and a strong commitment to co-operation in the Welsh Government's 'Programme for Government'.

I say loudly and clearly: Black Lives Matter

This movement and the giants upon whose shoulders it stands paved the way for me and others like me not just to be here, but to hold positions like the one I do as Wales’ Health Minister.

Why we need to build on the success of co-operative housing in Wales

To put Britain’s lack of co-operative housing in perspective, there are more co-operative housing homes in Vancouver than the whole of Great Britain. With the shortage of affordable housing in Wales, we cannot afford to not take every possible opportunity to increase the number of properties available.

Worker-owned taxi co-op set to ‘Drive’ change in Cardiff

A new Cardiff taxi company with a difference – “Drive - Cardiff Taxis Co-operative” - is making headlines across the UK. This is not just another taxi company. The nine drivers who have come together to set up Drive as a worker-owned cooperative are shaking up the way taxi companies operate.

Food poverty in UK schools is unacceptable

The United Kingdom is one of the richest countries on earth. Our economy consistently ranks in the top 10 for size and development, and our richest populations increased their wealth by £66 billion in the last year alone. Take a look inside our country’s classrooms however and you will find a very different story.

People voting in a polling booth

Democracy going beyond the ballot box

In Wales, co-operatives and co-operation hold the key to challenge some of the everyday sense of powerlessness felt by many across the country.