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The devastating effect of rural crime on farmers

The more that police, farming unions, the agricultural community, and residents of rural areas work together to stop rural and wildlife crime, the more effective we will be – and the sooner we can help put an end to these types of offences.

Food and co-operation – at the very heart of Fairtrade

Supporting Fairtrade makes a real difference. It means extra income, power and support for those communities and producers, and it helps protect the future of some of our most-loved food and the planet.

Making a Difference with Welsh Government on Employee Ownership

How refreshing it always is when we have a Government committed to co-operation in values and in action. It means that when we as co-operators push the case for co-operation, we have Ministers who open the door to do more.

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Let’s talk co-operative.

Co-operative policies and principles are what we need right now and make a positive difference to the lives of everyone in our community.

Co-operation is at the core of the Welsh Government

Recent weeks have seen our largest ever group of Members of the Senedd elected, many appointed to the Cabinet, and a strong commitment to co-operation in the Welsh Government's 'Programme for Government'.