Recent months have seen co-operative ideas and solutions running right at the very heart of the Welsh Government’s response to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

Co-operative Members of the Senedd have played a vital role in that, working with the Labour Government in Wales on so many issues to help put co-operative principles into practical action.

From providing support to co-operatives in the weeks after this virus struck to ensure they could continue supporting their communities, the fight for food justice and recognising the need to tackle hunger, to supporting key workers like those in retail who led on the frontline of our national effort against this devastating pandemic – co-operation has been key.

And it’s not just in response to the current crisis that Co-operative MSs have worked successfully with the Government to put co-operation into action either.

In the years since the last election, they’ve worked hand in hand  to create an environment for co-ops to thrive, ensuring the co-operative principles they represent are implemented right across the economy.  On tackling the key issues our members have campaigned on, from modern slavery to tax justice, the Welsh Government has led the way.

But whilst these successes have been vital, it’s with an eye to the future that we look as the Welsh Parliament Elections approach.

And the Co-operative Party is already in a position to build on the fantastic work of our Co-operative MSs in the next Parliament.

We have 20 candidates standing in seats right across Wales: all co-operators ready to continue putting our values into action.

So whenever the election happens, we’re looking forward to supporting our candidates and ensuring a strong co-operative is once again represented in the Welsh Parliament – continuing to work alongside a Labour government and offer co-operative ideas and solutions to the many challenges we face.