Postcards from Germany: an energy revolution, and how it happened

Ben West

Communications & Digital Officer

In recent months, a delegation from the Party, in partnership with FES, investigated how co-operative and mutual approaches are key to Germany’s economic success. So what are the lessons for the UK? In the first of a two part series, Communications Officer Ben West looks at what we can learn from Germany's community energy revolution. 

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People Powered Power for Plymouth

Luke Pollard

Labour & Co-operative Parliamentary Candidate for Plymouth Sutton & Devonport

In Plymouth, community energy is freeing people from fuel poverty and the extortion of the Big Six energy companies.

January 2014

Big Energy Saving Week

Jonathan Reynolds

Labour and Co-operative MP for Stalybridge & Hyde and Shadow Transport Minister

After a successful Big Energy Saving Week, still more needs to be done to keep energy bills under control.

December 2013

Beyond the Big Six

Gareth Thomas

Chair of the Co-operative Party, Labour & Co-operative MP for Harrow West

Energy co-operatives can deliver a better deal for consumers - but to take on the big 6, they need greater support.

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