landscape photography of grass field with windmills under orange sunset
Photo by Karsten Würth on Unsplash

I have long been an advocate of the Co-operative Party’s plans for community energy.  We need to see community, council and co-operatively owned renewable energy schemes across the country.  This will both empower local communities and help tackle the climate emergency.

The SNP-Green government is robbing communities of the chance to benefit from the move to net zero, the Scottish Government still has not met its 2020 target on community energy.

The Scottish Government set a target to generate 1 GW of community and locally owned energy by 2020 – but the government has admitted that even in late 2023 this target had still not been met.

By their own admission the Scottish Government is three years behind schedule and only 45% of the way to delivering it.

Supporting community, council, and co-operatively owned energy both helps to build clean energy capacity and ensures that the jobs and profits reach local communities.

Ensuring that communities reap the benefits of the transition to net zero is at the heart of Labour’s Clean Energy Mission.

Under Labour’s plans, our proposed publicly-owned GB Energy company will partner with the Scottish Government and Local Authorities to deliver a Local Power Plan and build over 1,000 local power projects in Scotland.

The SNP-Green government has missed yet another environmental target and robbed communities across Scotland of the chance to benefit from the shift to net zero.

The move to clean energy poses huge opportunities for job and wealth creation, and it is essential that those opportunities come to Scotland.

Labour’s publicly-owned GB Energy company will boost community owned energy.

Our plans will bring jobs and wealth to local communities and help deliver cheaper, cleaner energy for the whole of Scotland.