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Calling time on nuisance callers

James Kelly

Labour and Co-operative MSP for Glasgow

Our co-operative movement has long been at the forefront of protecting consumers - and it's time for co-operators to take the lead in tackling nuisance calls.

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Co-operative MSPs Mark Co-operatives Fortnight

Johann Lamont

Current Labour and Co-operative MSP for Glasgow Pollok

Co-operatives have a long and distinguished history in Scotland - but it is important that the Scottish Government and local authorities look to promote co-operatives in twenty-first century Scotland too.

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Give Them Credit

Chris Evans

Labour and Co-operative MP for Islwyn

The creation of an armed forces credit union would improve the availability of affordable financial services to armed forces families. It's time for the MoD to give it proper support.

March 2014

Scottish Procurement Bill

Co-operative Party

The Bill provides a golden opportunity to support co-op enterprises across Scotland. But Nicola Sturgeon is standing in the way.

February 2014

Leading the way on fair tax

Paul Monaghan

The scandal of corporate tax avoidance is now a key issue for consumers. And with the launch of the Fair Tax Mark, Co-operatives are leading the way.

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