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This year’s local elections saw a record number of Co-operative Councillors elected to town halls across the country.

Millions had the chance to vote for co-operation and they did, returning a record number of over 1200 Co-operative Councillors to office. This was especially true in Scotland and Wales where we saw the number of Co-op Councillors double, following on from record parliamentary co-operative groups elected last year.

The co-operative movement offers the ideas, principles and values which should form the bedrock of this year’s Queen’s Speech.

This Queen’s Speech perhaps more than any in recent memory is critical in providing the framework for how we will tackle the many difficulties the ongoing crises provide. It’s imperative the Government builds on the values and solutions of co-operation within it to meet that challenge.

Call for a food champion in Renfrewshire

Food Justice campaigner and Co-operative Party candidate, Alison Ann-Dowling, highlights the work that she will do with her fellow Scottish Co-operative candidates if re-elected.

Co-operative Party Chair’s Update

Next week's local elections provide a chance for us all to continue this work as an active, campaigning Party that priorities making a real difference where it matters most, and to do so with more co-operators than ever championing our cause as elected Co-operative Party representatives.

As young members in the East Midlands, we’re campaigning hard in these local elections.

Over the weekend, we ran a Young Labour and Young Co-operative campaign day in Derby and Amber Valley, supporting two excellent young candidates. Both Joel and Phillip have been working hard to prove that young people can have an outsized say in elections: both are among the hardest working campaigners in these sets of local elections.

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What’s next for tackling dirty money and opening up ownership in Britain?

Six years after it was first promised by Government, an Economic Crime Act was finally passed to increase transparency over who owns and controls property . But more needs to be done to break Britain’s unhealthy relationship with illicit finance, and build a more democratic property ownership system that works for everyone.

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We need to do more to safeguard producers in our food chain.

The recent claims of the use of dangerous child labour on cocoa farms in Cadbury’s chocolate production are appalling to see. I’m proud of the co-operative movement’s longstanding support of fairtrade, which does so much to benefit workers in developing countries.

Why I’m standing as Labour and Co-operative this May.

I’m really proud to tell people that I’m standing on a joint Labour and Co-operative ticket. They’ve been curious to learn about the relationship between the two parties, as well as our belief in shared wealth and power.

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We need co-operative solutions to the cost of living crisis.

The Co-operative Party believes action is needed now to alleviate the rising costs of living. We know co-operative policies can provide solutions. Through targeted action on food justice and community energy, we could begin to make the costs of living more bearable for people across the country.

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By using co-operative values, we can empower families out of crisis.

The lesson then, one which is already fully engrained in what the Co-operative Party stands for, is that there is a special social capital to be gained through not only prioritising early help for families who are struggling, but by truly empowering them.

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Let’s talk co-operative.

Co-operative policies and principles are what we need right now and make a positive difference to the lives of everyone in our community.