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The Government must deliver on reform for leaseholders

The Co-operative Party has long campaigned for a better way to manage land and property, co-operative housing tenure, a strengthening of commonhold tenure and to protect leaseholder and renters from unreasonable costs. It’s time for Government to deliver.

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Warm Welcome: How our movement has stepped up to provide support to those who needed it most this Winter.

The co-operative movement has stepped up and has sought to fill many of the gaps. The retail societies have backed their commitment to co-operative principles with action and financial support, running campaigns to tackle loneliness, provide support for community groups, run member events, and backed the warm spaces campaign over the winter with hard cash.

I’m honoured to be elected as one of the first Labour and Co-operative councillors this election cycle.

Co-operative values have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I will be a champion for co-operative solutions to the issues that we’ll face over the next few years. Working locally with initiatives to ensure food security and working alongside residents to help co-operatives thrive.

It’s time to unlock the potential of our high streets

Protecting and strengthening our high streets will be a key part of the next Labour & Co-operative Government. It’s time for communities, councils and local businesses to have both the power and funding they need to unlock the potential of our high streets.