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Time for a Right to Food in Scotland

Putting the right to food into law will not end food banks overnight, but it will set Scotland on a path of joined-up, coherent policy to make sure that everyone has reliable access to healthy, sustainable food for themselves and their families.

Does your morning coffee contribute its fair share of tax?

Every time we shop, we have a choice to make. Do we choose to shop with businesses who pay their fair share of tax, or do we choose to contribute to the profits of firms registered in tax havens, with complex structures that help them pay lower taxes?

The challenge for our movement

Black History Month once again raises a challenge for our Labour and Co-operative party – how do we promote black and minority ethnic (BAME) representation within our movement?

Not Part of the Job

Join us at Labour Party Conference, as we discuss the growing issue of violence in our shops and communities.

Worker-owned taxi co-op set to ‘Drive’ change in Cardiff

A new Cardiff taxi company with a difference – “Drive - Cardiff Taxis Co-operative” - is making headlines across the UK. This is not just another taxi company. The nine drivers who have come together to set up Drive as a worker-owned cooperative are shaking up the way taxi companies operate.

New flats being built

Labour’s commonhold proposals offer leaseholders hope

Labour’s leasehold announcement today is welcome – not only does it end the misery faced by too many leaseholders exploited by unfair ground rents, but it provides new democratic ways for homeowners to manage their properties together through a reform of Commonhold.

Building safer, stronger communities in South Wales

Rt Hon Alun Michael is the Labour & Co-operative Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales. At today's Unleashing Community Power conference, he explores what a co-operative approach to safer communities looks like in practice.