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There should be a legal duty for the governments to co-operate.

We need a more co-operative approach to governance in our country to deliver a better outcome for the whole of the United Kingdom. As leader of the Scottish Labour Party, I will be publishing a series of papers on how Scottish Labour working alongside our UK colleagues can deliver a stronger Scotland in a modernising United Kingdom.

Scotmid Co-operative Hosts Menopause Cafe

As part of Co-operatives Fortnight celebrations Scotmid Co-operative hosted their first Menopause Cafe, showing a concern for the welfare of their employees. Monica Lennon MSP has submitted a motion to the Scottish Parliament highlighting this event.

Exterior of the Scottish Parliament Building. Taken at around 2pm on New Year’s Day 2013. A city full of historic architecture and that has UNESCO World heritage status that contrasts with this post modern example of architecture by Enric Miralles who died before the building was completed in around 2004.The jutting shapes are ‘think pods’ for Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) to spend time in to reflect.

Co-operatives offer the opportunity to build a better world.

As a Co-operative Party MSP and the Convener of the Cross-Party Group on Co-operatives in the Scottish Parliament, I was pleased to submit a motion to the Scottish Parliament highlighting these events and the wider benefits co-operatives can bring to our society.

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An Online Sales Tax could be the answer to save Heanor’s high streets.

When the Co-op Party highlighted that the Government was consulting on an Online Sales Tax as a way of levelling the playing field between Internet-only businesses and those retailers that need a shop front presence, our branch was keen to help.

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This year’s local elections saw a record number of Co-operative Councillors elected to town halls across the country.

Millions had the chance to vote for co-operation and they did, returning a record number of over 1200 Co-operative Councillors to office. This was especially true in Scotland and Wales where we saw the number of Co-op Councillors double, following on from record parliamentary co-operative groups elected last year.

The co-operative movement offers the ideas, principles and values which should form the bedrock of this year’s Queen’s Speech.

This Queen’s Speech perhaps more than any in recent memory is critical in providing the framework for how we will tackle the many difficulties the ongoing crises provide. It’s imperative the Government builds on the values and solutions of co-operation within it to meet that challenge.

Call for a food champion in Renfrewshire

Food Justice campaigner and Co-operative Party candidate, Alison Ann-Dowling, highlights the work that she will do with her fellow Scottish Co-operative candidates if re-elected.

Co-operative Party Chair’s Update

Next week's local elections provide a chance for us all to continue this work as an active, campaigning Party that priorities making a real difference where it matters most, and to do so with more co-operators than ever championing our cause as elected Co-operative Party representatives.

As young members in the East Midlands, we’re campaigning hard in these local elections.

Over the weekend, we ran a Young Labour and Young Co-operative campaign day in Derby and Amber Valley, supporting two excellent young candidates. Both Joel and Phillip have been working hard to prove that young people can have an outsized say in elections: both are among the hardest working campaigners in these sets of local elections.

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What’s next for tackling dirty money and opening up ownership in Britain?

Six years after it was first promised by Government, an Economic Crime Act was finally passed to increase transparency over who owns and controls property . But more needs to be done to break Britain’s unhealthy relationship with illicit finance, and build a more democratic property ownership system that works for everyone.