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Why We Should All Love Unions

It’s Heart Unions week, a time when we tell the stories of why unions are vital for everyone at work and encourage people who aren't yet in a union to join.

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Co-operating for a Community Pub in South London

When a pub closes it can really rip out the heart of a neighbourhood. For many people in Walworth, South London, where I’m a councillor, the Beehive was the epitome of a community pub. Not just a place to grab a drink, but a place to meet neighbours, make new friends and hold landmark events from weddings to wakes.

Co-operative Party Chair’s Update

Our membership is increasing, and with over 13,000 members we now have more than at any time in the Party’s history. With significant elections coming up, we’re putting ourselves in the best possible position to increase the size of our political representation.

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LGBTQ+ History Month: Our Co-operative Journey to Equality

It is vitally important that this LGBTQ+ History Month, we remember the rights we have won as a community and the sacrifices it took to get to this point. However, we must also remember that there is still so much further to go.

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We musn’t let our rural communities feel left behind

I’m delighted that the Co-operative Party launches a consultation on rural communities which will build on the excellent work that has already been done on Labour’s Rural England Policy Review, led by my Labour and Co-operative colleague Luke Pollard MP.

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Cheers to Community Owned Whisky

Rhoda Grant MSP has tabled a motion in the Scottish Parliament welcoming the release of the first whisky produced in Dingwall in nearly one hundred years. GlenWyvis Distillery is a Community Benefit Society.

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Being ambitious for the co-operative movement’s contribution to our economy

This week we will be debating the contribution of co-operatives to our economy and public life. The vast contribution our movement has made wouldn’t fit in a single article – our movement has shaped hundreds of thousands of communities and demonstrates day in, day out a better way to do business.

Celebrating Black History Month

It is critical that the untold stories of Black Britons are not just told but celebrated. Black History is intrinsically part of our British History  and if these contributions are not known we are all robbed of our British History.