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We owe it to future generations 

The Scottish people overwhelmingly want to see a country that works together to deliver a more sustainable future. I believe that this bill will do just that, as well as providing an opportunity to create a fairer, more balanced country.

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement was a missed opportunity to provide certainty to communities, businesses and co-operatives.

With bills increasing, prices soaring and inflation rising, today’s Autumn Statement could have been an opportunity to address the inequalities we face in our economy. However, for communities, businesses and co-operatives across the country, the Chancellor’s promise of growth is still unclear and uncertain.

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In South Yorkshire, we’re exploring how employee ownership has the potential to transform our economy.

Last week in Doncaster, I hosted a session to explore the benefits of employee ownership and worker co-operatives.  These different approaches to business ownership have the potential to transform South Yorkshire’s economy, a central pillar of our move to a co-operative model where more wealth is created here, and more wealth stays here.

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Co-operators leading the way on warmbanks

In true co-operative spirit, councillors are working with council officers, voluntary, community and faith sectors to utilise buildings and spaces to support residents struggling with the energy and cost of living crisis.

Co-operative Party Chair’s Update

Since the summer the Co-operative Party has continued to play an active and effective role in championing our movement and the solutions it can bring to the challenges we face.

Our plan for community energy.

The Co-operative Party are calling for a new £90 million National Community Energy Fund to help deliver transformative change to the energy system, build renewable energy capacity and putting communities in control and create 150,000 new owners of energy.