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How can Labour Level Up?

The co-operative model provides the ideal tool for creating more resilient local economies, with higher firm productivity and survival rates.

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The devastating effect of rural crime on farmers

The more that police, farming unions, the agricultural community, and residents of rural areas work together to stop rural and wildlife crime, the more effective we will be – and the sooner we can help put an end to these types of offences.

Co-operative Party Chair’s Update

These are all significant commitments that will have a profound impact on the size and influence of our sector, which the Party and I have worked hard to support.

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The co-operative movement is key to unlocking opportunity in education

Labour’s mission to break down barriers to opportunity represents an exciting and ambitious break from the last decade of stagnation and under investment. The Co-operative Party know the co-operative movement has a vital role to play in delivering future focused reform at every level of education – creating a system which delivers the best for children, parents and workers.

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We must end the leasehold scandal.

With Select Committee pressure, pressure from an APPG, and the Law Commission recommendations, and a cross-party consensus that radical reform is needed it should not be beyond a government to deliver.