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We must involve our rural communities in the fight for food justice

Councillor Su Aves recently passed our Food Justice motion at Devon County Council and is now working with West County Labour and Co-operative Farming Policy Advisory Group (FPAG) to see how we can involve rural communities in the fight for food justice. Here, she writes with FPAG Convenor Joe Joseph on the challenges facing our food producers.

Five ways that we’ll keep Building Community Power 

Although our Building Community Power conference is over, our work mustn’t stop there. Our exciting announcements will ensure that spirit of co-operation and the best ideas of our movement continue.

Marking the start of Black History Month

A progressive black movement needs social class issues to be at the fore. This year’s recognition season would welcome the Co-operative Party in joining with us to celebrate Black history, culture, and achievements.

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Social or Co-operative Care?

The cost of social care currently is around £23.3 billion, although this may seem a lot, the Government has been cutting the social care budget over many years, leaving local authorities underfunded and unable to provide anything other than very basic essential care.


First Meeting of the Diverse Council Working Group

Expertly chaired by Cllr Anntoinette Bramble and Baroness Debbie Wilcox, this group of councillors will be meeting regularly over the next few months to develop a strategy for increasing diversity in council chambers across England.

We’re committing to proactively working to end modern slavery in Birmingham

Seeking to reduce the risk and harm of modern slavery as a local authority is something that we’ve been committed to for some time. One of the ways in which we do so is by looking closely at our supply chains and procurement practices.

Co-operative Party Chair’s Update

The Party is continuing to stand up for what matters to us as a movement, and ensuring that our members and representatives at all levels are championing our co-operative values and solutions.